Terracotta clay bottles and jug

Beat the heat this summer with Pocket matkas and jugs.
It cool water naturally, and gives you rich mineral water.

earthen mitti ke bartan maatsung
terracotta kadhai Clay kadhai
terracotta cooker clay cooker earthen cooker maatisung
Terracotta Khadhai bhagona style maatisung

Health Benefits of Earthen ware

Cooking in clay pots is very safe and saves you from chemical substances that can harm the body. Vitamins and other nutrients remain intact by cooking in clay pots because of uniform circulation of steam.

Earthen Cooking

Earthenware clay is porous which provides circulation of moisture and heat during cooking process. The pot is soaked in water before cooking and steam is released during cooking from it cutting the use of oil and fat.

Use & Care

No soap or detergent is needed to clean the clay pot saving you from chemicals which are present in in soap and detergents. You only need hot water and a brush to clean these pots.

Mitti ke Bartan

Earthen Cooking Range for home and commercial use

Terracotta Clay 5 liters cooker by Maatisung
Terracotta earthen 4 liter cooker
Terracotta Clay cooker by Maatisung
Terracotta Clay idli cooker by Maatisung
Terracotta Fry Pan
Terracotta cooker maatisung
Terracotta clay kadai

Earthen Kitchenware Range

Earthen Kitchenware Range for home and commercial use

Terracotta clay soup bowl
Terracotta Pudding set
Terracotta clay round handi set

Earthen Tableware

Earthen Tableware Range for home and commercial use

Terracotta earthen bottle
Terracotta Pudding set
Terracotta clay cup and saucer
Terracotta Clay Tea set
Terracotta tea set full
Terracotta Dinner Set by maatisung
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