Do’s and Dont’s With your clayware

Do this for proper use of your clayware

1.You can use clay cookware on gas stove in low flame and medium flame

2. You can wash clay cookware with lemon and warm water

3. Those clay pots without metal can be used in microwave ovens too

4. Only after clay cookware is cool, it can be cleaned.

5. First soak the cookware in lukewarm water. Then wash with a gentle pad without dishwashing soaps

6. For tough stains and strong smell, fill the cookware in warm water and two teaspoons of baking soda.

7. Soak in warm water for fifteen minutes, and with soda, smell would go away

8. Only gentle pad must be used for scrubbing as others can clog the pores inside the cookware

9. After washing, dry it and store with lid off, so that pores dry and get aerated

10.When starting to cook in clay ware for first time, soak it in water for one hour before starting


Don’ts do this with clayware

1. DO NOT use clay cookware on high flame as it may break

2. Do NOT use any soap or dishwashing liquids or any chemical

3. DO NOT put clay cookware in dishwasher

4. DO NOT use clay cookware with metal in microwave ovens

5. DO NOT use hard scrubbing pad or metallic scrubber or brush to clean clay cookware

6. DO NOT add cold ingredients to warm pot, the temperature difference can cause the pot to crack

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